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Our carrier platform delivers a redundant cluster of high capacity SIP switches for our customers in a self-healing cloud infrastructure. The network is modularized for limitless scalability and spontaneous growth. It handles high CPS (i.e. dialer traffic), interstate, intrastate and indeterminate LCR plus International A-Z LCR termination.

CEO Experience Counts

Our founder has been in and around telecom since the 1980’s, having built and operated call centers, voice broadcast systems, SMS platforms, mobile VoIP apps and an ITSP in addition to SIPinator. Check out the stats from our founder’s history in the industry together with our worldwide coverage.

Thousand Routes

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CEO Years in Telecom

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Service and dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors.  Not only do you get the best pricing, fastest switch and most coverage, but we have a team of dedicated professionals responsive to your needs.

From the first contact of a simple chat message, Rich has been extremely responsive. He is very consistent with communication in letting clients know what is going on with billing, system outages and new features. The price is great, the service is exemplary, and you feel as if you have someone in your corner all the time. I would highly recommend Voifone to anyone operating a similar outfit like us.

James Erickson

IT Manager, Vitality Medical

You have been a fantastic person to work with and I think good business relations are built with trust and excellence in service. One of the most remarkable qualities exhibited by your company is your outstanding customer support. It encourages me to recommend you to my business connections.

Shiv Tivari

CTO, Dreamstel

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